Hanan is a second-generation bellydancer, whose mother Casablanca danced in the vibrant Middle Eastern dance venues of Boston and New York in the 1970s. 

Childhood memories include staying up way past bedtime to watch performances by Casablanca, Morocco, Anahid Sofian, and great musicians of the time. Since childhood, her love of dance has led Hanan to learn and perform many genres. She studied flamenco and dances of the Turkish gypsies (Roma) and was a featured dancer in the award-winning Polynesian troupe KaUaTuahine. 

Hanan had her debut on the Arabic dance stage at Boston's club Layaleena in 2000. She has danced at numerous weddings, parties and festive events. Show highlights include powerful drum solos, raqs assaya with two canes, veil and sword dances, and raqs shemadan. Since 2007, Hanan has been a featured performer at Byblos Restaurant in Norwood, MA. Special performances include: Helping Hips Charity Gala (2008, 2009 and 2010); MassRaqs 2010; BellyBeat "Reflections" show 2013; BellyBeat "FIVE" show 2017


Since 2015, Hanan and Yael have performed as a duet featuring classic raqs sharqi as well as Egyptian folk and shaabi dances. Amarain translates from Arabic language as "two moons."

Amarain, Hanan and Yael

Casablanca and Hanan

Photography Credits: Homepage Photos, Kent Dayton | 2010 Helping Hips Charity Gala, Najmat | 2006 Helping Hips Charity Gala, Kizzie Suriel

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